November 2021 Meeting Minutes

November Agenda & Committee Reports

Welcome & call to order.

Approved October minutes.

Thanked Hostesses – Gayle Alston, Jessica Brown, Terri Alston & Jennifer Euart.


Directory photographs can be taken today for those who have not gotten them, otherwise please send a jpeg photo to

No December meeting per usual.

January meeting will be at the Swan Coach House, instead of Speech School this year due to covid.

Claire Marie Huff resigned in good standing because of her commitment to teaching.

Vice President– Aimee Nix – Aimee gave a report re 2022-2023 Hostess sign up. We are 24 hosting spots short. Honorary and Non-resident members are not obligated to host, but can if they so choose.

2nd VP (Quarry Garden) – Blain Allen & Amanda Brady – No report.

3rd VP (Speech School) – Caroline Davis & Kendrick Williams – No report.

Treasurer – Jo Phelps – PayPal takes $1.94 from every dues payment so we are losing money. We will discuss further but everyone seemed to agree that if paying through PayPal, the $1.94 would be added to the total paid to MGC. 

Membership/Dues – Rae Knox – Dues of $50 are due now. Please submit via our website (MIMOSAGARDENCLUB.COM) or by check mailed to Rae Knox or given to Wawa Hines today. 

After Dec 1st, there is a late fee of $25.00. 

Dues have not been raised in a significant amount of time, so we are looking into having a vote to raise them. 

We received a generous gift of $5000 from the Keough Foundation (Eileen Millard, Shayla Rumley & Jinny Keough) in memory of Mickie Keough.   

Historian/Scrapbook – Jinny Keough – No report 

Parliamentarian – Sissy Davis – No report.

State Garden Club Liaison – Lindsey Sones – No report.

Party Chairs – Mary Ayres Griggs & Jessica Brown – No report.

New Business:

Lois Yates reported ways to support Sarah’s Garden through a gift from Mimosa Garden Club. Three proposals were shared (materials were passed around & will be sent out to membership prior to the January meeting). Sarah’s Garden is located at the Respite Care for Alzheimer’s in memory of Sarah Clarke and in honor of Sarah Kennedy. Susan Virgin spoke about her experience as a volunteer at the Respite Care for Alzheimer’s and finds it very fulfilling and enjoyable. There is great flexibility as far as time commitment, in addition to the roles one can do. You can volunteer to be a greeter, a companion, lunch volunteer, etc. It’s a wonderful opportunity to volunteer for a great cause that serves a much needed purpose.

Program – Intro by Jessica Brown

Mary Delia Poynter and her sister Anne Bolling Rainer gave us a marvelous lesson on how to create a stunning floral centerpiece for our Thanksgiving and Christmas tables. Be sure to cut from your garden in the morning. You’ll find a lomey dish and oasis (green foam) will come in handy for some bowls/containers. She recommends working on first filling in the height, then around the edges. Adding fruit is a lovely option – you’ll want a skewer for those. Lenten Rose is a beautiful shade plant you can add to your arrangements as well, along with dahlias from 3 Porch Farms out of Athens. You can find Mary Delia’s stunning floral designs at Lucy’s Market. One of their lovely arrangements was given away to a lucky winner, Bettye Maddox!

Meeting adjourned for lunch.