Minutes: March 22, 2011

Eileen called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone.

Thanked Hostesses:

Eileen thanked Anna Muir, Tee Davis, Julie Harlan and Julie George for hosting us at the Biltmore Imperial Ballroom.

Official Business:

Everyone should have received the minutes from the February meeting. The minutes were approved and submitted.

Everyone, please remember to sign the attendance sheet.

Executive Committee Reports:

Treasurer Report:

Amanda Brady: Party money was distributed.

Speech School Report: Sissy/Lois: For the website, we need photos of the Speech School Garden and a breif write up about our work by April.

Quarry Garden Report: Jinny/Shelby: Also for the website, we need photos of the Quarry and a brief write up by April. everything is blooming in the Quarry Garden, please visit. They hired a part time gardener to work on inventory and GPS data.

Yearbook: Nancy Tracy/ Catherine Fleetwood. Eventually the yearbooks will phase out to our website. Next year we will print out only the contact portion of the yearbook.

Website: Jackie Cushman. The website is a work in progress.

Hostess Chart: Kendrick Williams reports all hostess slots for 2011-12 are filled. Kendrick and Dicksie will send 2011-12 hostesses an email reminding them of their hostess duty. They have been very well organized!

Flower Show Report: Shelby Drinkard/Claire Marie Huff:

We had a great showing at the Flower Show! All those people who entered the Flower show stood up and were recognized. We swept the Amaryllis category with blue, red and yellow. Thanks to all who participated!

Our member’s-elect won the Blue ribbon for their window box. They stood up and were recognized.


Reminder that we have three new member spaces available for the next year. Proposal forms are due today and Eileen will mail out the ballot this week.

The Slate for 2011-12 is almost finalized. Thanks to all of you who are currently serving and planing to serve again. Thanks to all the new participation, we appreciate all of you who said yes! We still need to fill one job.

Sadly,  Dr Ed Loughlin passed away this weekend. Memorial service is today at the H.M Patterson, Spring Hill. The family will receive friends at Patterson’s following the service. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Department of Othopedics at Grady Memorial Hospital, 49 Jesse Hill Drive, Atlanta, Ga 30303.

Our hearts go out to our own Linda Beth. Linda Beth, Laura Irby Smith, Greg Irby and the entire family will be in our thoughts and prayers.

Eileen recognized Julie Harlan for all of her hard work and agreeing to be the Treasurer for two years!

Sophie Mason introduced Kevin Murray.