Minutes: April 26, 2011

Call Meeting To Order and Welcome Everyone:

Thank Hostesses:

Eileen thanked her co-hostesses Shayla Rumely, Jinny Keough and Mickie Keough for the bus trip and lunch in Madison. Mary Huntz has done a tremendous job putting the program together.

Official Business:

Everyone should have received the minutes from the February meeting. If there are no additions or corrections, then the minutes will be approved as submitted.

Remember to sign the attendance sheet.


No Reports.


  • The New Member Ballots have been counted and we are thrilled to welcome three new members into Mimosa: Jennifer Alston Euart, Liz Day Irby, Parker Allen Tekin.
  • The Slate for 2011-12 is very close to being finalized.
President Marcy McTier
Vice President Catherine Fleetwood
2nd Vice President, Speech School Terri Alston, Nicole Warren. Caroline Davis
3rd Vice Presidents, Quarry Garden Jinny Keough. Shelby Neely
Recording Secretaries Anna Muir, Nancy Powell
Corresponding Secretaries Rawson Grobety, Libby Lanier (mail)
Treasurers Julie Harlan, Amanda Brady, Emily Jordan
Yearbook Leslie Morgan, Kendrick Williams
Website Gregg Irby, Eileen Millard
Programs Sophie Mason, Mary Huntz
Membership Lois Yates, Marianne Craft
Publicity and Scrapbook Edwina Johnson
Historian & Parlimentarian Sallie Smith
Flower Show Shelby Drinkard, Claire Marie Huff
Party Catherine Fleetwood, Lori Kennedy
  • With sadness I need to report that Betty Garges passed away one week ago. Betty was Esther Garges mother-in-law and was a member of Mimosa for many years.  Her funeral took place Monday, April 25th at 11am at Arlington.
  • I’d like to recognize a Mary Huntz and Sophie Mason for the tremendous job they have done coordinating programs this year. I’m so excited that they have signed up to do programs again next year. Thank you both!