Minutes: February 25, 2014


HOSTESSES:  Nancy Glenn, Betty Glenn, Jean Glenn, Lyn Glenn

CALL TO ORDER: Emily Jordan

Emily called our meeting to order and welcomed everyone to the meeting. She thanked the hostesses for providing lunch and organizing the meeting and thanked Annette Cone-Skelton and Alston Glenn for arranging for us to visit the MOCA.


As there were no corrections to the meeting minutes from January’s meeting, they were approved as submitted.

NEW MEMBER PROPOSALS:  The announcement was made that we have three new member spaces available for next year.  Proposal forms are available on the website, and they are due at the March 2014 meeting.  The proposals will be placed on the website, and we will vote online, and announce the new members at the April meeting.  Because we will be voting online this year, you must have your personal login set up to vote.

NEW BABIES:  The announcement was made that members Aimee Nix and Mary Mac Southerland just recently had new babies.  Sandy Jones’s daughter Alice also just had a baby. Congratulations to all.

HISTORIAN REPORT:  Sallie Smith read a 1967 newspaper article reporting that the Mimosa Garden Club had “destroyed the balance of hostility” between rival Atlanta garden clubs by inviting other garden clubs to sell spring party tickets.  The newspaper article stated that 1,000 tickets were sold for the spring party that year.  This was a fun and appropriate article in light of the upcoming spring party!

PARTY:  Mary Huntz reminded everyone that the party will be at the Atlanta History Center in the amphitheater overlooking the Quarry Garden. The party will be May 1st, 2014.  A notebook was passed around to allow members to sign up for various committees and tasks.  New members were reminded that “this is your year” to help with the spring party.

WEBSITE:  Margaret Warren reported that the speed issues with our website have been fixed.  If you forget your password, the website administrator will email you to reset your password.  If you are getting error messages when trying to access the website, please let Margaret know so glitches may be fixed.

PROGRAMS:  Leslie Morgan reported that our May field trip we will to the state botanical garden in Athens.  Please contact Leslie if you are interested in driving, lesliemorgan1@me.com

The meeting was subsequently adjourned.  Alston Glenn introduced Annette Cone-Skelton, co-founder of the Museum of Contemporary Art, who gave a talk on the history, purposes, and art of MOCA.

Respectfully submitted,

Liz Irby