Minutes: January 21, 2014

Atlanta Speech School

Business Meeting

Hostesses: Sophie Mason, Jackie Cushman, Sissy Davis and Elkin Alston

Call to Order: Emily Jordan

Emily called our meeting to order and thanked everyone for using the shuttle. She reminded everyone to please sign in.

She then thanked our hostesses, Sophie Mason, Jackie Cushman, Sissy Davis and Elkin Alston for providing lunch.

She also thanked our friend and Executive Director of the Speech School, Comer Yates, and the Director of Development, Haven Long, for making us feel so welcome.  She thanked them for their hospitality, including the flowers and the beautiful birthday cake to celebrate our 80th anniversary.

She said that we (Mimosa) are all so thankful for the important work Comer and staff does here at the Speech School.

She said that everyone should have received the minutes from the November meeting.  The minutes will be approved as submitted.

Guest speaker: Comer Yates

Comer commented on the Speech School being 76 years old and how they are teaching the children the Power of Empathy. He thanked Sarah Kennedy for her contributions and gave her a Speech School t-shirt.  Comer mentioned the development of the Cox online campus coming to the Speech School and how they are working on a “language nutrition campaign.”

Business meeting:

Treasurers Report: Julie Harlan reported that we have 3 accounts in great standing. We donated $54,000 to the Atlanta Speech School and the Atlanta History Center the past three years (raised these funds through parties.)

Dues: Shelby Nealy reported that duesare past due. She is here to collect and you can also pay on the website visa paypal. There are 16 members that have not paid.

Quarry Garden: Nancy Powell reported that the Bartrams’ exhibit through the Atlanta History Center will run through June 17, 2014. Our logo is printed on the flyer as a sponsor.

Party: Mandy Culpepper reported that the party is Thursday, May 1, 2014 at the Atlanta History Center in the amphitheater (overlooking the Quarry Garden.) They are still working on the theme. There will be tours of the garden.

Speech School: Terri Alston reported they are working on a date for the spring workday. The fall one was cancelled due to weather.

Membership: Lois and Wawa have completed the chart for next year.  Thank you!

Programs: Leslie Morgan announced that the May meeting will be going to the State Botanical Gardens and that everyone can carpool. It is Thursday, May 15th.

Flower Show: Shelby Nealy reported for Claire Marie Huff’s absence. She said that in lieu of the flower show, there is a ______ from April 25-27 (in Buckhead at the Roxy across from the Charlie Loudermilk garden?)

New Business:

There were nominations for the Nominating Committee- Susan Virgin nominated Lindsey Jones and _____________ nominated Claire Marie Huff.  The committee will be Catherine Fleetwood, Jackie Cushman, Lindsey Sones, Claire Marie Huff and Emily Jordan.  If anyone is interested in serving on the board, please let one of them know.

New Members: There will be 3 openings available for new members.  The new member forms are available online. Margaret Warren told us all about the forms and the ballots and that they are online. If you submit one, please check with Emily to make sure she received the nomination.  After the March meeting, Emily will email us. The votes will be due April 15th. Please vote online (after you have created an account.)

Please remember if you sponsored or endorsed a member last year, you cannot endorse or sponsor this year.  Also, you must be a member for 3 years before you can endorse or sponsor a new member.

By-law Changes:

Emily suggested changing the wording on several of the Mimosa By-Laws. All of her suggestions were approved.

1 – She suggested that we use ballots via the website to vote.

2 – She suggested that we omit the two (2) year limit for the Treasurer.

3 – She suggested that we omit that the VP is in charge of the flower show and/or party.

4 – She suggested we change the fiscal year to a calendar year because of taxes.

5 – She suggested that all the meetings start at 10:30 am.

She reported that Jennifer Calhoun has resigned.

The business meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Parker Tekin