Minutes: May 24, 2011

Call Meeting To Order and Welcome Everyone:

Thank Hostesses:

Eileen thanked the hostess today – Caroline Millican, Amanda Brady, Libby Lanier, Jean Glenn.

Official Business:

Everyone should have received the minutes from the April meeting. There were no additions or corrections, and the minutes were approved as submitted.

Eileen thanked Mary Huntz again for organizing such an amazing garden tour in Madison, GA. Hopefully, we can do it again and spend more time at Mary’s farm!! It was thrilling to see.


Treasurer: Eileen reminded everyone to turn in any receipts for expenses incurred that need reimbursement.   Please give them to Eileen.


1. We are thrilled to welcome and introduce our three new members to Mimosa: Jennifer Alston Euart, Liz Day Irby, Parker Allen Tekin.   They all have strong family ties to Mimosa and we are so lucky to have them!!

  • Jennifer – Gayle Alston’s daughter, sister-in-law to Terri, and related to the Glenns and Alstons. She is multi-talented and has a lot of experience with flowers. She has two daughters.
  • Liz – Linda Beth’s daughter-in-law, sister-in-law to Laura and Gregg Irby. She has in interest in flowers, in addition to being a wife, mother, lawyer and volunteer.
  • Parker – Tricia’s daughter and Sally Allen’s niece.   Parker has a young daughter, is an active volunteer and has tons of enthusiasm.

2. Eileen thanked all the members of the Mimosa Board for their efforts this year. We have had great attendance. Everyone has paid dues. We are in great shape for next year!!!!

3. Eileen officially passed the gavel to Marcy McTier, who begins her term as President of Mimosa. Eileen will be working with Gregg Irby on the website.


With no further business, I’d like to have Sophie introduce our speaker Tony Aeck “What the Trust for Public Land has done for Georgia”