Minutes: April 24, 2018

VENUE:  Atlanta History Center – Cyclorama Mezzanine

DATE:  April 24, 2018

HOSTESSES: Mandy Culpepper, Sanford Dunklin and Lisa Hinson

She reminded us to sign in and enter the raffle and she thanked our lovely hostesses.

ANNOUNCEMENTS / MEMBER UPDATES:  Jinny Keough announces that we have elected three new members to Mimosa: Kyle Wilcox Garges, Elkin Cushman Taylor and Liles Hill Thompson. She thanks everyone for voting and notes the new members will be introduced at the May meeting. They have been invited to the Spring Party as well.


Today, we will be approving the minutes from the March meeting, which have been posted on the website.  There was a motion to approve the minutes as submitted, a second, and all voted in favor. The minutes stand approved.


Vice President (Hostess Chart) – Lindsay Sones – The hostess chart is displayed at the meeting. Remember that hostesses are responsible for securing the venue for meetings.

Membership & Dues – Leslie Morgan – no new announcements

Treasurer – Jinny Keough reported for Jo Phelps – we have healthy bank balances.  It is worth mentioning that we sent $3000 to the Atlanta History Center and $2000 to Atlanta Speech School for the annual donations.

Speech School – Maggie Fischer – The speech school is still in a holding pattern with construction delayed. Maggie will update us, soon. There was not anything new to report.

Quarry Garden – Jinny Keough reported for Louise Moore – here is an update from Sarah Roberts with Atlanta History Center:

Hi Louise,

The Quarry Garden is so beautiful right now- so many things in flower, and the trees have all flushed their new bright green foliage. The fringe tree is in flower, and all the woodland phlox. There is a big splash of it at the Quarry Garden bridge which is delightfully fragrant. The lady slipper orchids are flowering as well. Many more spring ephemerals, including the trillium are out. It’s a nice time to stroll through.

Rosemary and I did a walk-through last week to site about 40 more plants for the Quarry Garden, including a huge specimen weeping bald cypress – it will go near the top of the Quarry stairs, and many oakleaf and smooth hydrangeas to add to the collection.

This Wednesday is the Olmstead Plein Air Competition! 30 of the nation’s pre-eminent impressionistic painters will be here throughout the Goizueta Gardens painting all day. It is a free day here for the Gardens, so please encourage folks to tell their friends to come! The artists are always happy to chat with interested visitors. There is

also a free lecture by Jill Steenhuis, a well-respected Atlanta-born artist who lives in the South of France. I’ll attach a link to the website for more information. For the first time, we are going to offer the artists’ works for sale as they are created and hung in a temporary gallery by the gift shop.

Every year there are a few artists who paint in the Quarry, so it’s a rare chance if anyone would like one! http://www.atlantahistorycenter.com/programs/olmsted-plein-air-invitational-day-1

Also Wednesday night is Staci Catron’s lecture about the book she co-authored, Seeking Eden. An accompanying exhibit is in McElreath Hall. If her lecture is sold out, she will do another one on National Public Gardens

Day, May 11th (another day that the Gardens will be free and open to the public). http://www.atlantahistorycenter.com/programs/national-public-gardens-day-1

Hope all is well!

Flower Show – Jinny Keough reported for Emily Jordan – the show will be every other year, the next one will be February

20-23, 2020.  Kathy Powell and Mary Calhoun will chair it. Garden Club of Georgia- Mary Huntz – No Report

Website – Margaret Glenn – the voting process went well!  Thanks for voting!

May Party- Julie Yates – please RSVP and please provide all of your guests’ names and total head count for your group.  The party is from 7-9 in the main museum atrium and the exhibits are open.  At 6:30 there will be a quick Cyclorama tour for the

1st 50 people.  Auction items need to be at Julie’s house by April 25th.

NEW BUSINESS:  Jinny Keough.

There are two items of business that require votes today. The first is the revision of the bylaws that Jinny presented in January. Jinny thanks Margaret Warren, Lindsey Sones, Sissy Davis and Sandy Jones for their help in updating and reorganizing the bylaws. Jinny calls for a vote:

This vote requires a three fourths majority of the members present, so if you would please allow Lindsey to count heads.

Lindsey counts 49 members present. All those in favor of approving the changes to the Mimosa bylaws, please raise your hand, and keep it raised for an accurate count. Lindsey counts 49 votes.  The new bylaws are approved unanimously.

The second item of new business is electing the slate of officers and committee chairs for next year. Thank you to this year’s officer and Karen Brown and Wawa Hines for their participation on the nominating committee. Before we vote Jinny thanks all those members who held office this year. She gives a special thanks to those who volunteered to stay in their job for next year too:

This continuity allows for a smooth running club!  There is still a vacancy that I’d like you all to consider volunteering to fill. We need two Program Committee members. This job is fun – it lets you exercise your creative juices! And thanks to suggestions from our members, there are only 3 open programs for next year. That should not be difficult to fill. And remember, the hostesses are responsible for finding the location for the meeting – the Program Committee just recruits a speaker and introduces them at the meeting.

Jinny asks that any volunteers to follow up with her and Lindsey. The slate for next year is:

President – Lindsey Sones

First Vice President – Karen Brown

Second VP for the Speech School – Maggie Fischer and Caroline Davis Third VP for the Quarry Garden – Mildred Spalding and Louise Moore Recording Secretaries – Katie Bockstedt, Blain Allen and Jennifer Hill

Corresponding Secretary – Nell Mitchell

Treasurer – Jo Phelps

Membership and Dues – Leslie Morgan

Program Committee – ????????

New Member Mentor and Luncheon – Esther Garges and Shayla Rumely (the luncheon will be held at Shayla’s house) Historian and Scrapbook – Sandy Jones

Parliamentarian – Sissy Davis

Website – Margaret Glenn

Garden Club of Georgia – Mary Huntz

No Flower Show and No Party next year

All in favor of approving the slate for the 2018-2019 Mimosa year? Any opposed?  Approved unanimously.

PROGRAM:  Amy Underwood from Amy Underwood Interiors along with Theresa Simonetto from Brunschwig/Lee Jofa– (introduced by Karen Brown) discussed decorating with floral fabrics.  They passed out samples of various floral styles, textures, colors.  “Bringing the outside in”.

Raffle Drawing – Winners: Lindsey Sones, Mary Mac Sutherland, Mandy Culpepper, Sandy Jones, Mary Huntz

Mandy Culpepper gets a round of applause for all of her design work at the History Center with Souper Jenny and the


ADJOURN:  Jinny Keough.

That concludes our meeting.  The meeting is adjourned. Our next meeting is Tuesday, May 15th at the Blue Heron Nature

Preserve on Roswell Road near Pike’s. Respectively Submitted,

Molly Hill West