Minutes: April 23, 2013


HOSTESSES: Sarah Clarke, Susan Virgin, Margie Hutchison, Mildred Spalding,

Call To Order: Catherine Fleetwood who gave a very special thank you to Mildred Spalding for opening up her lovely home.

Correction to the March Minutes – We have a correction to the March minutes.  It was stated that Sandy Jones won the Candy Simmons Trophy.  She actually won the “Gena Moran” Trophy for the Ivy Class.  We want to give her another shout out for her 29 ribbons and 1 trophy she won at the flower show!

Treasurers Report – no report

Speech School – Terri Alston has a May work day announcement:  Tuesday, May 7th at 10 AM at the Speech School

Quarry Garden – no report

Corresponding Secretary – Rawson Grobety

Yearbook – There are a few more yearbooks for pick up.  There will be no more yearbooks next year as we move to the website.

Membership – We are proud to announce the new members to the club.  It was a unanimous vote to accept our 3 new members.  We want to thank their sponsors for bringing them to us:

Sharena Summerall Hall sponsored by Linda Maddox (aunt), Claire Marie Huff, and Mary Mac Southerland

Rae Cole Knox is Wawa Hines daughter in law. Sponsored by Lois Yates, Emily Jordan, and Maysie Beeson

Louise Allen Moore is Tricia Allen’s daughter, Parker Tekin’s sister and grand daughter to the late Louise Allen.  She was sponsored by Tricia Allen, Marcy Mctier, and Sally Allen.

We are so happy to have this great group of girls!

Slate for Officers for 2013-2014– The nominating committee met in March to discuss the state for next year.  We would like the club to vote on the new slate:

President- Emily Jordan

VP elect – Jackie Cushman

2nd VP Speech School- Kendrick Williams, Terri Alston, Caroline Davis

3rd VP Quarry Garden – Nancy Powell, Mary Mac Southerland, Jinny Keough

Recording Secretary- Liz Irby, Jennifer Euart, Parker Tekin

Corresponding Secretary- Rawson Grobety, Maysie Beeson (snail mail)

Treasurer- Julie Harlin, Shelby Neely (dues collection)

Yearbook- Emily Ferguson

Membership- Wawa Hines, Lois Yates

Flower show and New Member Mentors- Claire Marie Huff, Shelby Drinkard

Historian- Sallie Smith

Scrapbook – Caroline Millican, Nancy Glenn

Programs- Lori Kennedy, Leslie Morgan

Website- Eileen Millard

Party Chairs- Mandy Culpepper, Mary Huntz

The motion to vote for this slate was approved and the vote was unanimous.

The Party Chairs asked for possible volunteers to have the party at a home.

Historian– no report

Please remember that all meetings will begin at 10:30 AM next year.

Website – Eileen asked that we be reminded that the website is:  mimosagardenclub.com

The user name is Mimosa

The password is Atlanta


Very Important announcement: Please note that the May meeting is a week earlier than normal in May.  We did this because the end of May is alway so crazy for everyone.  The May meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 14 at 10:15 at the Allen’s Playhouse.


Sarah Kennedy introduced Danielle Rollins, who presented her book Soiree: Entertaining with Style and then demonstrated techniques in assembling a large floral arrangement.

Respectfully submitted,

Marianne Craft & Margie Hutchison