Minutes: March 23, 2013


HOSTESSES:  Margaret Warren, Nicole Warren, Blair Mann, and Louise Mann

Call To Order: Catherine Fleetwood

Catherine called the meeting to order and thanked our hostesses for providing lunch for Mimosa members and gave special thanks to Louise Mann for so graciously having the meeting in her lovely home.

Treasurers Report – NONE

Quarry Garden Report- NONE

Speech School –  Terri Alston reported that the Atlanta Speech Gardens are in full bloom.  THE NEXT WORK DAY IS SCHEDULED FOR TUESDAY, MAY &TH AT 10:00 A.M.  – all members are welcome to participate.

Corresponding Secretary -Rawson Groberty again asked that all notices sent to her be in “final draft” form and ready to send out.

Yearbook – A few yearbooks are left and are available for pick up at the sign in table.  This is the LAST YEAR FOR PRINTED YEARBOOKS.  Next year’s yearbooks will be on the website.

Membership -Mary Mac and Emily announced that all meetings have hostesses for next year.

Historian – Sallie Smith reported on her 7th member interview, which was with PATTY BOYKIN.  Patty joined Mimosa in 1954.  In 1973 Babs Atkins and Patty started a non-profit project which evolved into our longstanding support of, and relationship with, the Atlanta Speech School.  Proceeds from the Mimosa cookbook “Hors d’oeuvres” are still directed to the Speech School .  ANYONE INTERESTED IN A COOKBOOK CAN CONTACT PATTY FOR A COPY – THEY ARE STILL ONLY $5.00.

Website – Eileen Millard continues to think of new ideas for the web site and is now working on getting some history recorded on the site.


Claire Marie Huff, who not only was in charge of the camellia exhibit, she won 3 blue ribbons including one for her “pink perfection’ camellias and the Emma Tippins Hodges trophy for them!

Sandy Jones: won 10 blue, 8 red, 6 yellow, and 5 white ribbons, not to mention our Candy Jones Simmons Trophy for the best topiary!!!

Wawa Hines – Blue ribbon on her Amaryllis.

Esther Garges – two yellow ribbons on her Amaryllis

Harden Powell – Honorable Mention on her Amaryllis

Edwina Johnson, one blue, one red

Maysie Beeson, one red

Harden Powell, Jinny Keough, Marianne Craft,  all won white ribbons

Mandy Culpepper, Aimee Nix, Maggie Yates, Margaret Glenn, Sarah McElroy, Jennifer Stuart, Parker Tekin, Liz Irby (the new members from the last two years) together won a white ribbon for their arrangement exhibit which was a real crowd pleaser.

Mary Huntz reminded us about the Atlanta Botanical Garden Tour on Mothers’ Day weekend (Sat and Sun).  Mary’s in town garden is on the tour!

Tricia Allen suggested we change the meeting time to 10:30 am next year and the proposal was passed by the membership.

Look for ballots for voting on new members in the mail.  The results will be announced at the next meeting.

Our business meeting was adjourned and sisters, Mary Poynter and Anne Rainer, of Container Gardening of Atlanta, gave 3 very informative and lovely demonstrations on container arrangements, using live plants, cut flowers and moss.

Respectfully submitted,

Marianne Craft and Margie Hutchison