April 2023 Meeting Minutes

Mimosa Garden Club

Meeting Minutes

April 25, 2023

Governor’s Mansion

Aimee started by thanking the hostesses Dee McElroy, Sarah McElroy, and Sophie Mason for hosting the meeting and the tour of the governor’s mansion. She thanked Julie Yates for her work organizing the tour.

Aimee announced our 5 new members and noted that we had record voting this year. Thanked everyone for voting and thanked the sponsors and endorsers. The new members are Abby Echols, Allison Felton, Shannon Hill, Alice Phillips, and Kelly Spalding. They are invited to the May meeting.

We need to vote on the 2023/2024 Board of Officers. One motion is made. Another motion was made and then we approved the slate of officers.

2023/2024 Board of Officers

Ex-Officio                                                        Aimee Nix

President                                                         Parker Tekin

Vice President                                                Kendrick Williams

2nd VP – Speech School                                Mary Ayres Griggs

3rd VP – Quarry Garden                                 Elkin Taylor

Recording Secretaries                                    Genie Gray, Mims Hill, Amanda Orr

Corresponding Secretary                            Leslie Neely & Katie Bockstedt

Treasurer                                                        Margaret Warren

Membership  & Dues                                    Mary Mac Southerland

Programs                                                        Brittany Hill & Alden Potts

New Member Mentors & Luncheon            Jennifer Raulet & Susan Virgin

Website                                                           Jennifer Hill

State Garden Club Liaison                            Wawa Hines

Parliamentarian                                              Jackie Cushman

Historian                                                          Jinny Keough                                                             

Party Chairs                                                    Liles Thompson & Amanda Tucker         

The meeting was adjourned to begin the tour of the Governor’s Mansion and grounds. Lunch was not served at this meeting because the ballroom was not available for our group.