Minutes: October 27, 2009

The Atlanta History Center

Maysie called the meeting to order, and she welcomed everyone. Maysie stated that our theme this year is, “Get Excited and Get Involved!” She thanked the Board members, and Sanford Dunklin for a great 2008-2009 year!

Additionally, we all need to thank Jackie Cushman, Elkin Alston, Gayle Alston and Terri Alston for being so understanding last month when we had to cancel garden club because of the flooding.

Thank you to our hostesses Laura Blackburn, Emily Ferguson and Gail Wilson for today’s meeting!!!

Maysie reminded us to sign the attendance sheet. Member- Elects and Actives are required to attend at least 5 meetings during the year – Associates and Professionals must attend 1, but we hope you attend more!!

Official Business:

The May minutes were reviewed and approved as submitted.

Maysie welcomed our new members: Anna Muir, Nancy Powell, and Lori Kennedy! Catherine Fleetwood and Nancy Tracy hosted a luncheon in September for the new members which was a huge success!

Sadly, Mimosa has lost long time members Tatty Hill and Laura Smith. We have given donations in their honor to the Speech School for Laura Smith and First Presbyterian for Tatty. They will be greatly missed. We have also received a resignation request from Kathy Jones Davis.

Executive  Committee Reports: 

Treasurer Report: Maysie reports that as of 9/30/09, the balances are as follows:

Business Checking is $3,699.00; Investment Savings is $5,337.89; Party Account is $7,681.70. Elizabeth Morgan reminded everyone to pay their dues if they haven’t already. After December the dues will be $75.00

Speech School Report: Vice Presidents for Speech School are Hazel Hilsman, Lois Yates and Caroline Davis. Maysie reported that only she, Hazel, and Lois were present at the past Speech School work day. The garden did not look good at all, so they discussed having Planters come in and do a big clean up in the garden to trim overgrown bushes, clean out leaves, etc. There will be another work day on the Tuesday before our January Business meeting at the Speech School.

Quarry Garden Report: Jinny Keough reminded everyone about the Quarry workdays that will be available the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of every month, and the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of every month. Also, the 3rd Saturday in months to come will be available. Mimosa members are encouraged to work 2 hours in the fall and the spring in the garden.

Yearbook: Maysie thanked Rawson Grobety, and Emily Ferguson for all their hard work getting the yearbook out. Thank you, Shelby Drinkard, for stepping in and helping them out! That is the true Mimosa spirit!

Program Chairmen: Michelle Mitchell and Shelby Neely have been working so hard this summer to compile our fabulous program line up! You are not going to want to miss any of them!

Hostess Chart: Shelby Drinkard- The hostess chart is here please check to see if your name is on it and sign up to hostess for next year! We are on a 3yr. rotation. Also, the please keep number to no more than 4 a meeting unless you are family.

Flower Show Report: Maysie thanked Sophie Mason, Lois Yates and Mary Huntz for stepping up to the plate to volunteer to head it up again along with their other board duties! Sophie talked about the Amaryllis project, and encouraged everyone to participate. There are going to be three possibilities of bulbs, and the bulbs are $20 each. They come with the pot, instructions, and they will deliver it!! Please make the check out to Mimosa Garden Club if you are interested. The flower show is Feb. 4-6th this year at The Galleria.

Party Chairman: The party this year will be chaired by Terri Alston and our Vice President Eileen Millard. Eileen stated that they need to find a place for the party. Please contact her if you have any ideas. There will not be a silent auction this year, but we will have a raffle. Tickets are $75.00, and the party will most likely be either May 5th or May 12th. Please sign up to help with the decorations, flowers, and food.

New Business: 

Mimosa Website: Jackie Cushman spoke about the website idea. The website would post the minutes, work days, and other announcements. There would be information about our members, and the website would be password protected. Please contact Jackie if you think of any ideas regarding the website.


The Peachtree Garden Club will be holding their Christmas Home Tour on December 10th from 10-3. I have a copy of their brochure if you want to see it. Also, please contact Elizabeth Martin at 404-351-8208 for tickets. Tickets are $20.


With no further business, Jinny introduced our speaker, Travis Spilker. Travis has been the gardens director for The Atlanta History Center for 7 ½ years. Travis gave a very interesting over view of the plans for the gardens. Travis showed us the master sight plan, and stated that they are working on plant labeling. He estimated that there are about 150 species of plants in the Quarry garden, and over 611 species in the whole garden. This labeling was made possible, in part, because of The Louise Allen Memorial Fund. Travis thanked Mimosa for all of the support we have given over the years.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Huntz
Kendrick Williams
Recording Secretaries

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