Minutes: November 13, 2012


HOSTESSES: Lindsey Sones, Hallie Crawford, Deborah Childers, Beth Nix

CALL TO ORDER: Catherine Fleetwood

It was announced that the checks, representing Mimosa’s commitment to the Atlanta Speech School & The Atlanta History Center’s Quarry Garden, have been mailed for the amounts mentioned in the September Mimosa Minutes.

Kendrick Williams mentioned that anyone who hasn’t paid their dues be advised that, if not received by December 1st, a penalty will be added to the 50.00 owed.

SPEECH SCHOOL: The garden looks good and seems to be thriving – no work day has been planned for the fall.

CORRESPONDING SECRETARY: Rawson Groberty reminded Mimosa members, once again, to PLEASE RSVP TO THE MONTHLY EVITES out of respect for our hostesses. Also, she is asking that all emails submitted to her, which are to be sent out to our membership, pertain only to Mimosa business.

FLOWER SHOW: Claire Marie Huff said she still has amaryllis bulb kits which are 20.00 each. She also had with her that day “hard copies” of the exhibitors guide for those interested in participating. She encouraged potential entrants to purchase plants for the Flower Show by December 15th, so they’ll be healthy and gorgeous by opening day on March 15th (thru the 17th). The theme of the show for this year is “What’s old is New Again”.

The business meeting was then adjourned by Catherine.

WaWa Hines, our Mimosa member who has been affiliated with Fernbank for a number of years, gave a fascinating summary of the Museum’s broad array of activities, programs etc. She then introduced Susan Nugent, the CEO of Fernbank , who gave an informative talk about stewardship, as well as the proposed campus master plan, followed by a brief history of the Museum. Aneli Nugteren was introduced by Susan Nugent. Aneli proceeded to give a detailed presentation of what Fernbank’s goals & aspirations are, along with a more in depth talk about the many attractions of the campus.

She discussed their desire to be a good neighbor to the neighborhoods which border the grounds. She also gave a wonderful description of the trails, the acreage, as well as the historical beauty of the landscape.

A delicious lunch was then served. Following lunch, those who were able to stay were given a guided tour, by a staff member, of the trail that cuts through the woods (which the museum overlooks). This beautiful & lush forest is owned, maintained, & cared for by Fernbank.

Respectfully submitted,

Marianne Craft

Margie Hutchison