Minutes: March 26, 2019

VENUE: Oakland Cemetery, Beau Allen Greenhouse

DATE: March 26, 2019

HOSTESSES:  Terri Alston, Gayle Alston, Jessica Brown and Jennifer Euart

After the group met at the gates to the cemetery, Ruti Turner of Oakland Cemetery led the members on a brief tour while heading towards the Green House. Lindsey called the meeting to order, welcomed the group and thanked our hostesses. She recognized Sally Allen, as the greenhouse is named in her husband Beau’s memory. The greenhouse would not have been possible without him.

Marcy McTier sent a note of resignation to pass her space on to a younger member. “I shall miss you all and appreciate the happy times and educational meetings.”

Minutes from the February meeting have been posted on the website. There was a motion to approve the minutes as submitted, a second, and all voted in favor. The minutes stand approved.


Hostess Chart: Vice-president Karen Brown

Membership & Dues: No report

Treasurer: No report

Speech School: No report

Quarry Garden:  No report

Garden Club of Georgia: No report

Website: Margaret Glenn
Online voting will open April 1st and the new member proposal information is now available for review on the Mimosa website.

PROGRAM: Oakland Cemetery, David Moore, Sara Henderson

The nominating committee will be meeting to choose a board for 2019-2020, under Karen Brown.

We have space for three new members and there are currently two proposals. The proposed candidate’s information will be on-line with voting opening April 1st – 15th. Please take a moment to vote. If you have trouble, contact Margaret Glenn, our website coordinator.

Sarah Henderson asked us to support Oakland at Christmas.  We as a club committed to doing  2 wreaths to decorate the mausoleums Oakland at Christmas time.

Next month’s program will be at the Atlanta Beltline Partnership.


Respectfully submitted,

Lindsey Sones