Minutes: February 26, 2019

VENUE: Lanier House, St. Phillips Cathedral
DATE: February 26, 2019
HOSTESSES: Katie Bockstedt, Elizabeth Hogan, Blair Mann, Nell Mitchell, Margaret Warren

WELCOME / CALL TO ORDER: Lindsey Sones, President
Lindsey Sones welcomed everyone and reminded to sign in and register for the raffle.

The January minutes have been posted on the website for approval. There was a motion to approve and a second; all voted in favor. The minutes stand approved as presented.

Congratulations to Betty Glenn who joined Mimosa in 1968. She is now an honorary member. Elizabeth Spalding has moved from Associate to Sustainer and Emily Jordan and Caroline Millican have moved to Associate.

Lori Kennedy has resigned. She sends her thanks to all the members for great fun and memories.

A huge thank you and small gift to Guerry Redmond for always graciously volunteering her time in photographing new members and taking our most professional recent group photograph. We had a record attendance of over 65 members. Last photo was taken when Caroline Davis was president 2000-2001

A friendly reminder to respond to meeting the invitations. I know it is an extra step when you reply that you are coming, to make a note that you are staying for lunch, however it is critical for the hostesses. A few days out the last count was 49 coming but only 19 staying for lunch. Hard to guess! We have looked into other options for replying, but they are way more expensive. So please RSVP and note if you are staying for lunch, otherwise we assume you are not.

Oakland Cemetery will hold a “Green Elephant” sale to coincide with their annual plant sale April 11-12. They are looking for donations of gently used and vintage garden items like gardening books, containers, outdoor furniture and yard art. Details are on their website. (A great way to recycle all the garden stuff you bought but no longer need!)


With Hostess Chart in hand, Karen Brown asked to please remember and be respectful of our by-laws we are limited to 4 hostesses unless family members then 5. If we exceed that we don’t have enough hostesses for all meetings.

Leslie Morgan reported that there are a few members with outstanding dues.

TREASURER: Jo Phelps, absent
Lindsey Sones thanked Elizabeth Hogan and Julie Yates for chairing last year’s party; we have met our  yearly commitments to the Speech School and the History Center and were able to award an additional $7,000 to be split between the two.

Maggie Fischer reported that new mulch was put down in Mimosa garden and thank you to them for our anniversary celebration!

QUARRY GARDEN: Mildred Spalding reported that the garden is preparing for spring.

Lindsey Sones There will be a flower show next year at the Botanical Garden. We will guide the new members through an entry and encourage all our members to participate also.

Esther Garges no report. Lindsey mentioned that the Cathedral Antique Show was wonderful. Our new Members did a fabulous job, garnered lots of attention, right next to the coat check, (on a very wintry day)

PROGRAMS: Jinny Keough, Mary Ella Hill
We will be collecting donations for door prizes and delivering to Agape.

PARLIAMENTARIAN: Sissy Davis – No report

NEW BUSINESS: Lindsay Sones
The nominating committee will meet in March to consider Board positions for next year, under the capable leadership of Karen Brown.  If you would like to volunteer for the board, please let Lindsey know.

We have places for three new members next year.  The proposal form and supporting letters are due to me by March 15. The nominations will be posted on the website, with voting active the first two weeks of April.

Raffle Drawing – Blain Allen drew a name out of the bowl and a garden book was awarded to the winner.

PROGRAM:  Labyrinths, Margaret Bosbyshell, Honorary Design Chair along with her daughter, for the Cathedral Antique Show.  Margaret spoke the history, design, meaning, uses and local information on labyrinths.

That concludes our meeting. The meeting was adjourned at 12:05 p.m.  Lunch was served.

Respectfully Submitted,

Blain Ashmore Allen