Minutes: January 25, 2011

Call Meeting To Order and Welcome Everyone:

Thank Hostesses:

Eileen thanked our hostesses Sophie Mason, Marcy McTier, Esther Garges, Sissy Davis.

Introduce Comer Yates

Eileen thanked Comer Yates, Executive Director of the Atlanta Speech School and said that he, Iris, Haven, Leonard all make Mimosa feel welcomed and loved. Eileen thanked them for their generous hospitality including the beautiful flower arrangements on the table and for the important work they do at Speech School. Comer said a few words about what the Speech School is currently focused on.

Official Business:

The November minutes were approved as submitted.


Treasurer Report:

Gregg Irby: DUES ARE OVERDUE and a late fee of $25 will be charged to those six Members who have not paid.

Amanda Brady: At the February meeting, Amanda will give a “Statement of Accounts” detailing the amount in Mimosa’s checking, savings and party accounts.

We have decided this year to split the party profits between the Speech School and the Quarry. Amanda will be distributing these funds in February this year.

Speech School Report: Sissy/Lois: We have had some new planting in the garden. Planters donated a tree in Hazel Hilsman’s memory. We usually have our 2nd workday just before this meeting but it is just too cold. Maybe we can see if there is any interest in having one in the spring. Our last workday in November Terri Alston was our only worker.

For the website, we need photos of the Speech School Garden and a brief write up about our work here.

Quarry Garden Report: Jinny Keough discussed the plant records project that Mimosa is funding with the party money. They will use the money we give them to hire a worker to enter plant information into their software and they are very excited about the project.

Also, for the website, we need photos of the Quarry and a brief write up.

Corresponding Secretary: Rawson Grobety encouraged by the evite response but still a handful who may not check email. If you do not have email or know someone who does not use email, please let Rawson know so those names could be added to non-email list.

Yearbook: Nancy Tracy /Catherine Fleetwood had the yearbooks at the meeting for us to pick up. Eventually these will phase out to our new website. Next year we will print out the contact portion of the yearbook. As you will see, the rest is online.

Website: Eileen showed us a first draft of the website online. It looks great and all of our info is being loaded into it.   Our goal is to get it up and running for the new slate of officers.

Hostess Chart: Kendrick Williams reports thatwe need six more hostess slots to fill for next year.   We have no hosts for the month of May.

Issue for next year: If we cannot fill our hostess spots for the upcoming year then I think we need to increase our new members in 2012 from 3 to 5 or 6.

Flower Show Report: Shelby Drinkard /Claire Marie Huff: Mimosa will sponsor the best topiary plant in show which has the Candy Simmons trophy – judges will check ivy and par.

Claire Marie and Shelby discussed the flower show, registration deadlines, and a possible ‘field trip’ to the Show which would be on February 25th. At the February meeting they will present ‘yard clippings’ that can win ribbons!!

FYI the Flower Show is scheduled for Feb. 25 –Feb. 27 at the Cobb Galleria Center. The theme is ‘In tune with blooms’. February 20th is the registration deadline for online entries and for mail in registrations, envelope must be post marked by February 14th.

Lori Kennedy discussed the Members-Elect 2009/2010 project. The group has picked ‘Musical Note-ables’ as their category. It is a planted balcony window box of a famous musical personality. They have selected Bob Marley. They are busy working on this project.


1. New Member Proposals:

We have openings for three new members this year. Please see Eileen for new member proposal forms. Proposals are due before the March 22nd meeting. Eileen will then send an official ballot to the entire Membership. Those ballots will be returned and counted at the April meeting.

Please remember if you were a sponsor or endorser last year you may not sponsor or endorse a different person this year. You must be a Member for three years before you can sponsor or endorse a candidate.

2. Nominating Committee:

We nominated 1 active and 1 associate to serve on the Nominating Committee to put together a slate for next year. Nominees are: Emily Jordan – active and Susan Virgin – associate. Both were approved and will meet in February to put the slate together.

If anyone is interested in serving on the Board please let Eileen know!

3. By-Law Change:

Eileen recommended that a motion be introduced to create a Website Standing Committee (pg. 14 of the yearbook) which is considered a by-law change. This committee will continue to work on the website and update it. Ideally this job would be a two-year commitment. The website will need to be maintained every year – similar to the yearbook.

This was approved.

4. Yearbook Guideline Revision:

Eileen suggested that we change the wording on pg. 15 of our handbook under hostess guidelines. “The number of hostesses per meeting is limited to four, except in the case of Mimosa family members who exceed that number by one. These hostesses are responsible for coordinating with Program Chairs, in addition to lunch, finding a location for the meeting, renting chairs/tables if needed and decorating the tables.”

This was approved.


Eileen recognized a few Members who are working really hard for Mimosa. The first MVP was Sissy Davis who has had every job in Mimosa. She is a constant advisor and always willing to help when asked. We are all so appreciative of Sissy’s service to our group.

The second MVP was Caroline Davis. We are so grateful for all that she does and all the support she gives Mimosa.

Garden Clubs of Georgia Newsletter is available for pick-up and online.

Edwina made an announcement regarding the World Association of Flower Arrangers (“WAFA”). WAFA is hosting their 10th world flower show on June 15-19 in Boston, which is the first time the show will be held in the US. Mimosa decided to make a donation of $500 to WAFA.

Sophie Mason to introduce our own Sandy Jones who will give us “Tips for Entering the Flower Show”.