Minutes: February 22, 2011

Eileen called meeting to order and welcomed everyone.

Thanked Hostesses:

Eileen thanked The Glenns- Betty, Nancy, Jean and Lyn for hosting us at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Official Business:

Everyone should have received minutes from the January meeting. The minutes were approved and submitted.

Everyone please remember to sign the attendance sheet.

Executive Committee Reports:

Treasurer Report:

Amanda Brady: Gave a “Statement of Accounts” detailing the amount of Mimosa’s checking , savings and party accounts. This sheet also states what our “two year commitments” are and for what amounts. These will be included in our minutes from this meeting.

We have decided this year to split the party profits between Speech School and the Quarry. Amanda will be distributing these funds in February this year.

Dues: We are almost at 100% participation!

Speech School Report: Sissy/ Lois: For the website, we will need photos of the Speech School Garden and a brief write up about our work by April.

Quarry Garden Report: Jinny/Shelby: Also, for the website we will need photos of the Quarry and a brief write up by April.

Yearbook: Nancy Tracy/Catherine Fleetwood: had the yearbooks at the meeting for us to pick up. Eventually these will phase out to our new website. Next year we will print out the contact portion of the yearbook. As you will see, the rest will be online.

Website: Jackie Cushman: The website is a work in progress.

Hostess Chart: Kendrick Williams reports all hostess slots for 2011-12 are filled. You can check the sign up sheet.

Flower Show Report: Shelby Drinkard/Claire Marie Huff: Mimosa has shown the SE Flower Show it’s spirit and has tried to fill slots in empty categories. Originally, Mary Norwood requested entries in the Underwater and Novice Classes. She then needed entries in Garden Design-G17 category. We have a group submitting two entires in the G17 category.

Claire Marie discussed the Flower Show and presented some “clippings” that can win ribbons. A sheet with examples was passed around.

FYI the FLower Show is February 25-27th. The theme is “In Tune With Blooms”. Parking is available across the street and it is free!

Lori Kennedy and our group of new members have really been working hard! Can’t wait to see their Creation. Bob Marley is their topic and it is a window box.

Tickets to the Flower Show were raffled off and given out.


Reminder that we have three new member spaces available for next year. Eileen has the proposal forms. Proposals are due by our next meeting on March 22nd.

The Speaker for the March meeting had a scheduling conflict. Hopefully, Barbara Bing will speak to us in September. Mary Huntz did get a fantastic replacement, Kevin Murray- an expert on container gardening with succulents.

Van Flanigan did resign in good standing.

Sanford is taking donations for flowers to send to Hoodie.

Eileen recognized a few members that are really working hard for Mimosa and going the extra mile. They were: Leslie Morgan,  Amanda Brady,  Jinny Keough and Shelby Neely

Edwina would like any photos from the Flower Show for the Scrapbook.

Mary Huntz introduced our speaker, Mary Palmer Dargan.