January Business Meeting 2024


1.    Welcome and Call to Order

Parker welcomed everyone and thanked hostesses – Catherine Fleetwood, Emily Jordan, Shelby Neely and Sallie Smith


Parker re-introduced Jane Sterne, since she moved back to Atlanta.


2.    Reading and Approval of Minutes

●      Parker mentioned she would like to approve the minutes from the November 2023 meeting which have been posted on the website. Esther Garges made a motion to approve the minutes as submitted? Ginny Keough made a second? All voted in favor.

Parker read the Mimosa Garden Club Purpose as stated in the Bylaws.

“The purpose of this Club shall be to promote among its members a love for and an intelligent interest in the cultivation of flowers, of gardens and of landscapes, the beautification of local streets and highways, the encouragement of love of nature, and the conservation of plants and trees throughout the State of Georgia.


The Special Projects supported by this Club are the development and care of the garden at the Atlanta Speech School and the development and care of the Mary Howard Gilbert Memorial Quarry Garden at the Atlanta History Center.”



3.    Officer Reports

a.    Vice President – Kendrick Williams

Kendrick mentioned that she would be sending out a sign-up genius for the new members to participate in the horticulture division of the Flower Show, Primavera for February 23.


b.  Second Vice President, Speech School – Mary Ayres Griggs Despite the dormant lawn and the cutting back of ornamental grasses, the Mimosa Garden was a beautiful setting for the annual Hamm Center snowball fight! The event was featured in last week’s Weekly Word, ahead of the long weekend. The caption reads – Who needs real snow when you have determined teachers, a snow cone machine and enthusiastic 3s and pre-K classes?! The annual Hamm Center snowball fight took place in our Mimosa garden this week.

Mary Ayres passed around pictures from the Speech School.

c.    Corresponding Secretary – Leslie Neely, Katie Bockstedt


d.    Treasurer – Margaret Warren

Margaret mentioned the three account balances are as follows: Operating:            $14,968

Savings:         $7,878

Party:              $7,581

Total:              $30,427

She thanked everyone that had paid their dues.

She said we make two contributions annually. They are to:

●      $2,000 to the Atlanta Speech School (provide plants and general maintenance of our garden.) She’s leaving the check here today.

●      $3,000 to The Atlanta History Center, specifically the Quarry Garden (check will be mailed today.)

After the party proceeds are finalized, we will make additional contributions to these organizations (40% going to the Atlanta Speech School and 60% going to the Atlanta History Center.

4.    Committee Reports

a.    Programs – Britt Hill and Alden Potts


b.    Membership & Dues – Mary Mac Southerland


Parker- thanked everyone for paying their annual membership dues and said that Mary Mac has reached out to them individually if they haven’t.

c.    Historian – Jinny Keough


d. Parliamentarian – Jackie Cushman


e.    Website- Jennifer Hill

Parker asked for members to please add info@mimosagardenclub.com to their email contacts because it prevents the emails from going to Junk and Spam folders.

f.      State Garden Club Liaison – WaWa Hines


5.    Business

●      Amaryllis Project – Parker asked people to take pictures of their amaryllises planted and send them to Alden Potts at aldenpotts@homegeorgia.com or aldenpotts@icloud.com

●      Parker talked how Mimosa participated in the ‘Victorian Holiday at Oakland’ event at Oakland Cemetery in early December. They had a fun morning decorating the Kiser Mausoleum. She thanked Mandy Culpepper for leading the decorating with her wonderful creativity! And thanked Shelby Drinkard, Ginny Keough, Kendrick Williams, Aimee Nix, Kellie Spalding, Lindsey Sones (biked), Mims Hill, Alden Potts, Britt Hill, and Sarah McElroy for working on this project. And then passed around some some pics.

●      Parker reported that Mimosa also participated in the Cathedral by Design event this past weekend benefitting the Boyce Ansley School. Mimosa provided flowers for the check-in tables for the kickoff party. Mims Hill, Liles Thompason, Julie Yates and Parker did four arrangements. Mims was a huge help and had a wonderful vision!

●      Parker requested everyone to make sure all of your contact information is up to date in our online member directory. She passed around a sheet to update contact information. Please complete and let me know if you need to change your mailing address as well.

●      Parker mentioned submitting new member candidate’s details and endorsements via the website by our March meeting (March 26th). You can find the nomination form under “Member Info” from the main menu on the website. Voting will take place April 1-15. New members will be announced at the April 23rd meeting.

●      Parker talked about assembling the slate for the 2024-2025 Board of Directors. We need one (1) Active and one (1) Associate member to be part of the Nominating Committee (also consisting of Past President Aimee Nix, Vice President Kendrick Wiliams, and me.)

Linsdey Sones nominated the Active member Jessica Brown. Parker Tekin accepted for Jessica Brown.

Blair Mann nominated the Associate member Catherine Fleetwood. Catherine Fleetwood accepted.

●      Parker said the next meeting will be February 27th at Oakland in the newly renovated Bell Tower.

6.    Program

●      Comer Yates, Executive Director, gave an update on the happenings at the Atlanta Speech School.

Third Vice President, Quarry Garden – Elkin Taylor

We are resurfacing all of the Quarry Garden trails with slate chips and fines. This makes a nice soft, but solid surface to walk upon and we have been shifting all of our wood chip paths to slate chip over the past year throughout Goizueta Gardens. We will begin that process next week! The slate chips are also a great substitute because they do not degrade over time the way you get from wood chips which become soil in about 6 months. The wood chip trails are also vole superhighways, and we are looking forward to the destructive creatures finding the quarry a less desirable location to live once the trails are renovated. This project may take up to a month to complete, but will be a great improvement!

7.    Adjournment & Lunch

●      Parker thanked Comer Yates, Haven Long and the Atlanta Speech School for hosting and thanked the hostesses again. (Catherine Fleetwood, Emily Jordan, Sallie Smith and Shelby Neely). She also thanked the members for making Mimosa a wonderful garden club and adjourned the meeting for lunch.

November 14th Meeting Minutes.

Agenda & Committee Reports November 14, 2023 I. Welcome and Call to Order

Thank Hostesses – Kendrick Hill, Mary Ella Hill, Dicksie King, Amanda Tucker. Special thank you to Amanda Tucker for having the meeting at her home.

II. Reading and Approval of October Minutes:

Motion of approval by (Lindsay Sones) and seconded (Brittany Hill). Minutes accepted without change.

III. Officer Reports

A. Vice President, Kenrick Williams – 

All is well with hosting calendar. Will bring in the poster, but slots are 99% filled. 

B. Second Vice President (Speech School) – Mary Ayres 

Nothing new to report here other than “Courtyard” for preschools in which parents volunteer to host fun interactive and seasonal activities in the Garden. Passed photos around of the Courtyard. 

C. Third Vice President (Quarry Garden) – Elkin Taylor

Yes! We did find water on the second attempt, so will be putting in the well pump and housing on that site – in the Swan House parking lot.

The Quarry Garden is beautiful this time of year, going into fall color. It is extremely dry so we are hoping for rain, but will be running irrigation as soon as possible. We’re working on the complete inventory of the Quarry Garden, and will be able to provide you with a full plant list by the end of the year if you are interested. We’ll add the spring ephemerals to the inventory in spring, since they are dormant now. After the inventory, we’ll create accession tags and display labels for the plants. It’s a big project and takes 2 staff members – Rosemary and Travis – working together to go bed by bed and identify, count and take notes on the health of each plant in the native plant collection here.We are also in the design phase to build a greenhouse, and that is moving along well. The picnic area is also under construction now. Tens of thousands of bulbs are arriving for fall planting in the next week – so we are busy, busy, busy!

D. Corresponding Secretaries – Katie Bockstedt/Leslie Neely

E. Treasurer – Margaret Warren

    • Operating Account $11,081
    • Savings $7,877
    • Party $7580
    • Total Cash Balance $26,530
IV. Committee Reports

A. Membership & Dues – Mary Mac Southerland Please pay by Dec 1 by check, CC or via the website. If via CC, there is a 3% fee. 

B. Historian – Jinny Keough NO REPORT

C. Parliamentarian – Jackie Cushman NO REPORT

D. Website- Jennifer Hill Everyone should have access – working on incremental updates and new members should also have access. If not, contact her. 

E. State Garden Club Liaison – Wawa Hines NO REPORT

V. Projects

Amaryllis Project – 

      • We had 28 people participate. Alden has the bulbs. Rae is getting Wawa’s I’m delivering Susan Virgin’s

Oakland Mausoleum Holiday Event re: Kaiser Mausoleum.

      • ***Picture*** LARGER than last year. Need lots of volunteers – can still sign up
      • Setup will be Nov 30/Dec
      • I have a list of 12 signed up here:Mandy Culpepper, Jinny Keough, Kellie Holt Spalding, Alden Potts, Sarah McElroy, Lindsey Sones, Aimee Nix, Shelby Drinkard, Jennifer Raulet, Kendrick Williams, Brittany Hill, Mims Hill

Cathedral by Design is Jan 19-20: 

      • 4-6 arrangements on the entryway tables (in entry way, not overly formal, fun arrangement, reflecting youth.)
      • Sheet passed around, more people signed up
      • Not sure about containers.
      • 4 members have shared interest: Brittany Hill, Alden Potts, Mims HIll, Allison Felton

Flower Show is Feb 23-25 (8 new members). Kendrick will help out as VP 

VI. Program

Alden Potts introduced our speaker, Holly Bryan Floral Design

Notes from Holly Bryan Floral Design-Showed alternative to floral foam, which is bad for humans, the environment, etc. -Loves Trader Joes for flowers – they are fresh, plentiful and inexpensive! -Good alternatives to floral foam are 1. Angel Vine (natural, reusable),2. Florist’s Chicken wire, which is coated and can be purchased in sheets or rolls3. Holly pillows – reusable, plastic, resemble flower frogs… 4. Flower frogs – can find great vintage ones. Sometimes people collect them. -Other fun things to use in arrangements… -fern fronds dried, spray painted.-fruit on sticks – cut or whole-leaves from your yard. -grasses -broom corn, other textural leaves, stems, etc. -Look at the arrangement from all angles, group flowers for more impact, and she likes odd numbers of elements versus even.-She likes all types of flowers – carnations, mums, etc. All are beautiful!! 

VII.  Adjournment & Lunch

Thank the hostesses again.Next meeting will be in 2024 – Jan 23 – at the Speech School 

Read content on floral foam alternatives presented by Holly Bryan or visit her website here.

October 24th Meeting Minutes

Welcome and Call to Order

Parker thanked Hostesses – Wawa Hines, Rae Knox, Mary Mac Southerland, Liles Thompson

Parker thanked those who participated in the work day.

Parker gave a gift to Aimee and thanked her for last year and all her hard work.

  • Reading and Approval of Minutes
  • Parker announced she would like to approve the minutes from the September meeting which have been posted on the website. Ginny Keough made a motion to approve the minutes as submitted. Lindsey Sones made a second. All voted in favor.

Officer & Committee Reports

President – Parker Tekin

  • Amaryllis Project: Parker mentioned we have started collecting orders (and money) for the bulbs and encouraged everyone to participate. The last day is Friday. We only have 5 people that want to participate. Anyone can email Alden or sign up on the clipboard.
  • No update from Oakland Mausoleum Holiday Event re: which mausoleum, but if you’d like to sign up, let me know. Setup will be Nov 30/Dec 1.

Vice President – Kenrick Williams

Kendrick reported that the hostess chart was almost full

Treasurer – Margaret Warren

Parker reported for Margaret Warren the following:

  • Operating account – $9,700
  • Savings account – $7,875
  • Party account – $7,580
  • Total Cash Balance – $25,155

Thanks to all that have paid their dues.

Membership & Dues – Mary Mac Southerland

Mary Mac reported that dues increase Dec 1 and encouraged those who haven’t paid to pay. She mentioned she has the Square and can accept payment today.


Sarah Roberts spoke about all the gardening projects going on at the History Center. She talked about the 6 foot well being dug up on the east side of the property as well as the new area for children with picnic tables by the parking garage. She talked about the plants and trees that were either being replanted, replenished or died (due to growth cycles) and the flowers in the front.

Sheffield Hale also came and spoke everything else happening at the History Center from General Patreaus coming to speak to the statue of Samuel Spencer being moved to the History Center. He encouraged us to all visit the History Center more.

Adjournment & Lunch

  • Parker thanked the hostesses again and reminded everyone that the November meeting will be a week earlier than usual due to Thanksgiving so it is onTuesday, November 14th at Amanda Tucker’s home.

September Meeting Minutes

Welcome and Call to Order

Welcome from Parker Tekin

Parker thanked and welcomed:

  • Hostesses – Leslie Neely, Sharena Hall and Elkin Alston
  • Susan Virgin and Jennifer Raulet for hosting the delightful new member luncheon in late August.
  • Kendrick Williams for the pretty New Member name tags.
  • Guerry Redmond for taking photos of the new members today for our online directory.
  • Parker welcomed the 5 new members: Abby Echols, Shannon Hill, Kellie Spalding, Alice Trahant and Allison Felton

Approval of Minutes

The April 2023 minutes were approved (Shelby Drinkard motions, 2nd from Jinny Keough, all in favor)

Announcements and Member Updates

    • No new Honorary Members this year!

    • One member  resigned this year: Marianne Craft – she had been a member since 1997
    • The Standing Committees for 2022-2023:

    • Programs (Alden Potts and Brittany Hill)

    • Membership & Dues (Mary Mac Southerland)

    • Flower Show (VP – Kendrick Williams)

    • Historian/Scrapbook (Jinny Keough)

    • Corresponding Secretary (Katie Bockstedt and Leslie Neely)

    • New Member Mentors & Luncheon (Susan Virgin and Jennifer Raulet)

    • Parliamentarian (Jackie Cushman)

    • Website (Jennifer Hill)

    • State Garden Club Liaison (Wawa Hines)

Officer Reports

Vice President – Kendrick Wiliams

An email has been sent out to all hostesses who are eligible to host a meeting in the 2024-2025 year. She mentioned that lots have already signup up to host.

Second Vice President (Speech School) – Mary Ayres Griggs (absent)

Parker Tekin reported that the Mimosa Garden at the Speech School is used almost hourly by teachers and children. The teachers eat lunch out there. They’ve installed new Teak furniture instead of the metal tables. They have an umbrella for shade. Its also used for their extended day program. They are so thankful to our members for helping replant the border bushes along the window wall last year and freshen up the containers. The landscape service helps maintain the garden. They have encouraged us to come anytime to see the Garden.

Third Vice President (Quarry Garden) – Elkin Alston

Elkin reported that the Quarry Garden had a beautiful season. The bald cypress trees had a lot of growth this year. Also, they’re working to put new signage across the Goizueta Gardens. They are excited to have Mimosa come next month and help work in the Quarry Garden.

Corresponding Secretary -Katie Bockstedt and Leslie Neely


Treasurer – Margaret Warren reports

As of 9/12/23 , Mimosa balances are: Operating Account – $ 6101 Savings Account – $ 7873 Party Account – $ 7580

Total – $ 21,554

Our financial commitments are $2,000 annually to the Speech School, plus 40% of excess party proceeds; and $3,000 annually to the History Center Quarry Garden, plus 60% of excess party proceeds.

Committee Reports

Programs – Alden Potts and Brittany Hil


Membership & Dues – Mary Mac Southerland

Mary Mac thanked those that had already mailed her a check for dues. She

reported that we have 15 Honorary Members that do not pay dues. She reminded everyone that dues can be paid:

    • With a check for $100 made out to Mimosa Garden Club

      • With credit card here at the meeting

      • Or check mailed to her house


Party Chairs – Amanda Tucker and Liles Thompson

Parker Tekin reported that the party this year will be May 8 at Amanda Tucker’s house

New Member Mentors & Luncheon – Susan Virgin and Jennifer Raulet

Historian – Jinny Keough


Parliamentarian – Jackie Cushman


Website- Jennifer Hill

Jennifer stated that passwords would be reset but to login today. She mentioned that Square functionality will be available next month to pay dues.

State Garden Club Liaison – Wawa Hines

Wawa reported that there is an art exhibit – water color paintings of endangered native GA plants by Laura Martin conveniently located currently at the Botanical Gardens. She mentioned it would be very easy to go see and that it would fulfill a requirement on our yearly report. She encouraged members to check it out after the meeting.

New Business

Parker asked for volunteers for the following projects after mentioning them and then passed around a signup sheet:

    • Amaryllis Project – beginning now. Easy to do at home. Prizes awarded!

    • Mimosa is participating in the ‘Victorian Holiday at Oakland’ event, December 2nd-3rd, 2023, by decorating a Mausoleum. From last year’s participation, they have offered a tour of the cemetery for up to 20 people. (sign up sheet passed around for volunteers.)

    • Mimosa is participating in Cathedral by Design. In doing so, we’d help decorate part of a home on a tour Jan 19-20, 2024 that benefits the Ansley School (a non-profit for homeless children in Atlanta.)

    • The Flower Show is Feb 23-25, 2024 and is required for the new members from the past two years so there will be 8 volunteers. Kendrick, the VP, will help with the new members and anyone else is welcome to join.

    • Mimosa has three spots available for new members this year. We will begin accepting proposals in January. Voting won’t begin until April 1. Parker mentioned one member already wanting to propose her friend.

    • Update on the Atlanta Speech School

Parker summarized a conversation that Sheffield Hale and Aimee Nix had earlier this summer. Sheffield was appreciative of Mimosa Garden Club’s long standing relationship and generous donations it has made in the past. They are willing to let us use the History Center for no charge, but do have to put guidelines in place for other garden clubs. He mentioned spaces can be $3200 to rent plus the cost of staff so that’s lost money, but for non-profits, they will let them use it with a discounted rate of 15% off. He assured us that nothing will change for us.

Program: Alden Potts introduced our speaker, William T. Smith.

Adjournment & Lunch: Parker thanked Bill for a great presentation.

thanked Alden and Brittany for putting together a terrific year of programs.

    • Our next meeting will be October 25th at the History Center. It is our Quarry Garden workday so bring your gloves and clippers!

Biannual Garden Party

Get excited for the most fun party of the spring! A portion of ticket sale proceeds will support our annual contributions to the Atlanta Speech School and History Center Quarry Gardens.