Minutes: September 27, 2016

Atlanta Botanical Gardens: Day Hall

HOSTESSES: Jessica Brown, Mary Ayers Griggs, Sandy Jones and Lori Kennedy

Introduction and welcome to our first Mimosa meeting for the 2016/2017 year and thanks to the hostesses. Please remember to sign in.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Margaret Warren
Reminder that this is not a party year- our fabulous program chairs are working on some possible activities for the spring.

Member updates
– Nicole Warren has moved to St. Simons, so she has changed her status to Non- Resident

– Julian Williams has resigned due to travel and her inability to make the meetings; we are sad to see her go, and wish her all the best.

– Sadly, we recently lost Eugenia Creekmore Wilson, a long-time honorary member of Mimosa, and the mother of previous member Laura Wilson Blackburn; Mimosa has made a donation to the Forward Arts Foundation in Jean’s memory

Approval of the Minutes
There was a motion and a second to approve the minutes from the April meeting, as well as the May meeting; the members present voted unanimously and the minutes stand approved as submitted. They have also been posted to the website.


Hostess Chart: Jinny Keough
Jinny Keough introduced herself as the vice president and informed the group that now one of the VP’s responsibilities is the hostess chart. She showed the new large sign up board and the list of hostesses due for the next year (2017-2018). She noted that the spread sheet with the next 8 years of hostess duties is on the website. Because of 2 resignations and the number of family groups, several years are short of hostesses, including next year. Three members from this years hostess list kindly agreed to move to the next year to even out the numbers. There are currently 100 members on the hostess list.

Jinny also mentioned a project she will be working on this year: updating and printing the family tree lists that Jackie Cushman started a few years ago.

Membership and Dues: Lindsey Sones
Lindsey is tracking everyone’s attendance. Check your email accuracy. Make sure you pay your dues. You can also pay your dues online.

Treasurer: Julie Harlan
Nothing to report

Speech School: Karen Brown, Caroline Davis
The garden at the Speech School has maintained its integrity. The bird bath was removed due to mosquitos and upkeep. They had a Fall party in the courtyard so it is being used and appreciates. There will be a fall workday scheduled, stay tuned.

Quarry Garden: Parker Tekin, Louise Moore
Nothing to report

Flower Show (also known as Amaryllis Project): Leslie Morgan, Sharena Hall
This year to replace the amaryllis project, we thought it would be nice to have a Christmas floral workshop. The date is Tuesday, December 6th from 11-1 at the Swan Coach House. Jennifer Euart will be demonstrating and instructing us on putting together a Christmas floral piece. The price for the event is $50 for lunch and the floral materials. We will be sending out an email invite soon. There are 20 spots for this event. We are looking forward to this event, hope to see you there.

State Garden Club Liaison: Mary Huntz
Nothing to report
Mary Huntz has an email change of address- mhuntz@huntzco.com

Website: Margaret Glenn
If you are still having trouble with your website username and password contact Margaret Glenn – marge.glenn@gmail.com. If you need help uploading your head shot, please email it Margaret Glenn and she can upload it to the website for you.

As a reminder, we will have room to accept 3 new members this year; the new member proposal form will be available on the website under the “Member Info” tab, or if you’d rather, you can send an email to Margaret Warren, and she will make sure you receive the form; we will begin accepting the forms in January 2017 and the deadline to submit will be March 2017.

If you still need a picture for the website send one of your own in to Margaret Glenn (marge.glenn@gmail.com) or contact Guerry Redmond (guerryredmond@bellsouth.net / 404-234-0761)

PROGRAM: Pumpkin Centerpieces with Nancy Nichols
Nancy Powell, one of our program chairs, introduced our speaker, Nancy Nichols. Nancy Nichols is a 4th generation Floridian. She now lives in Highlands, NC. She is a member of 2 garden clubs there. She showed us how to do Fall arrangements using, succulents, moss and pumpkins. You pull Succulents through the moss. Lightly spritz with water every couple of days. Use dirt or soil that doesn’t hold too much moisture. She showed us how to replicate succulents.

5 Best Succulents for Atlanta :
1. Echeveria
2. Crassula
3. Sempervivum
4. Sedum
5. Aloe

ADJOURN: Margaret Warren
That concludes our meeting. Our next meeting is Tuesday, October 25th at the Atlanta History Center. Meeting Adjourned.

Respectively Submitted,
Julie Yates