Party Guidelines

Garden Party Invite 


  • Find a location for the party
  • Ask and confirm committee chairmen before the first meeting in September 2009


  • Talk the party up at the first meeting


  • Have a sign-up sheet poster ready and encourage members to participate
  • We encourage you to use “Sign Up Genius” to have members sign up for party responsibilities.


  • Continue sign-up and membership participation and be sure to bring sign-up sheet to every meeting


  • Open party accounts with treasurer of $1000
  • Order invitations, ticket notice, donor forms and labels by chairmen of that committee. The printing takes 2 weeks. Invitations are mailed to members after March meeting.
  • Finalize list of chairman for each committee and set-up meeting to discuss the party.


  • Send committee chairmen their list of volunteers.
  • List of membership to Treasurer to check off money coming in.
  • Each member is responsible for $300 of tickets. A raffle was done in 2008. 2010.


  • Co-chairs to hold a kick-off meeting with the heads of their committees. Visit location of party.
  • Decorations Committee to finalize color theme and decide on linens and tablecloths.
  • Set-up to order tent, tables, chairs, linens and porta potty. Be sure there is enough light for raffle area if needed.
  • Food Committee to plan menu and assign dishes to members.
  • Bar Committee to book bartender.
  • At March meeting give out the invitations and ticket notices that tells members where to mail their $300 check. Mail invitations to those not present at this meeting.
  • Co-Chairs and Decorations to book music if having music.


  • Meeting of all chairmen of all committees to discuss final set-up of party.
  • Set-up to pick-up trash cans and leftover party supplies
  • Set-up/Decorations and Food Committees to coordinate who is doing what in terms of plates, cups, napkins, forks, votives, cheese straws and peanut bar snacks.
  • If announcements at the party then set-up will need to order a simple sound system – similar to 2008.
  • Raffle Chair to determine if we need to have a sign at raffle table to explain where the money is going.
  • Remember to write thank you notes to members who made cash donations.
  • Party money due April 21, 2014. Make calls to those who have not paid.
  • 2 weeks before party (April 21) bar committee to order liquor. It is less expensive to pay with a check versus credit card.


  • Members of set-up, decorations to be available day before party and day of party and day after party.
  • 2 days before party ~ Tent set-up at party location. Set-up committee chairs to be at location to supervise placement of tent and porta potty. Don’t forget to order fans if very hot. 1 day before party ~ Tables, linens, chairs, easels if necessary to be delivered in the morning. That afternoon at least 3 people from set-up committee to be at location to move tables to the correct position and place linens on tables so the flowers can be arranged.
  • Day before party ~ Decorations committee to prepare and cut flowers.
  • Day of party ~ Chairs to provide lunch for volunteers who are working. Co-Chairs to have cash ready (approximately $2400) to pay bartenders, kitchen help, parkers, movers and musicians immediately after party. Food and liquor delivered.
  • Immediately after party ~ Set-up crew and clean-up crew to organize linens, remove votives and flowers. Clean-up to be sure to have trash bags for trash and freezer bags and glad containers for leftover food. In the past some flower arrangements were given to special members of Mimosa for their special donations or help with the party. The hostess also should receive flowers.
  • Day after party ~ Set-up and clean-up crews to breakdown tables and help host put the party site back together.
  • President to write thank you notes.
  • Remember to write thank you notes to all donors.


  • Gather all reports from Committee Chairs.

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