election of new Members

We will offer membership to up to three (3) prospective candidates this year (2024). 

Sponsors have two options to proceed:

Stipulations for sponsorship

  • Sponsors must complete and submit a nomination form, a sponsorship letter and letters of endorsement by two additional members.
  • Members must complete 3 years of membership to be eligible to sponsor or endorse a candidate.
  • A member may not sponsor or endorse different candidates in consecutive years.
  • A member may sponsor or endorse the same candidate for consecutive years without waiting.

2024 process & timetable

  1. Deadline for submission: March 26 (date of monthly meeting)
  2. Nominations tallied with all candidates’ details, sponsorship letters and endorsements posted to website. Members will be sent an email with links as well: March 31
  3. Online voting open: April 1 – 15
  4. New Members-Elect notified by sponsor: April 16 – 25
  5. Formal announcement shared with membership: April 26 (date of monthly meeting)