The Mary Howard Gilbert Memorial Quarry Garden


In 1972, the Atlanta Historical Society began planning a new administration building, and while searching for a site, rediscovered a three acre, late-19th century rock quarry, choked with unwanted plants and fallen tree trunks. Members of the Mimosa Garden Club were intrigued with the possibilities of developing a unique wild garden. Plans were developed for a path system, and the renovation of the garden with native shrubs, trees and flowers was begun.

The Atlanta Speech School


The Mimosa Garden Club’s official association with the Atlanta Speech School began in 1960, when the club voted to undertake, as its civic project, a small garden at the Speech School. When the school moved to its current location in the mid-1960s, Mimosa Garden Club began work on the present garden. The design and planting of the garden were a joint effort of Frank Smith and Billy Monroe. Price Gilbert, and honorary member of Mimosa, donated the curved stone benches for the garden. In the fall of 1967, The Atlanta Speech School and the Mimosa Garden were dedicated. Since its dedication, Mimosa Garden Club has been responsible for the garden’s maintenance and appearance.